National Interest Waiver Testimonials

We have received many awards from legal societies for excellence in the field such as

  • Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award
  • Avvo Client’s Choice Award

We have received many positive reviews from happy clients such as

“I have just received my green card! Peter Messersmith handled my NIW  case. I am very satisfied with the professional service I received.  Their prices are very reasonable. I did not even need to meet him in  person. 99% of our communication was through e-mail and Peter always  answered all my questions very quickly. I would definitely recommend  Peter as an immigration lawyer to anyone!”

“Peter Messersmith and the Messersmith law firm were instrumental in leading  our permanent residency application. Peter filled a complete and strong  application to USCIS and our green card got approved in 3 months. I  would trust the Messersmith law firm with all my family‚Ä™s and friend‚Ä™s  USCIS needs. My previous experience with other immigration lawyers are  that they are expensive and in many cases do not follow through to the  last bit; the service I got from the Messersmith lawfirm was  extraordinary.”

“This lawfirm made my dreams come true by getting me a greencard!!! Mr.  Messersmith and his paralegal Jen Ren are experts of immigration. They  handled my case with such professionalism- my emails were answered  within hours and phonecalls were always answered with enthusiasm. They  were so helpful in every single way. They always had solutions to my  problems. They took care of all the paperwork- I did not have to do much at all. Their price is so very reasonable. Normally I do not write  reviews, but I have never experienced such wonderful customer service  and such professionalism that I feel it would be unfair if I did not  write this review. Plus, I remember the time when I was searching for a  good immigration lawyer and I realize that my review might be helpful to others who are looking for the same. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for a good immigration lawyer. As for me, I am so glad I discovered this law firm and I am sticking with this law firm  for future immigration issues.
How I discovered them: I had discovered them from a random internet  search one night when I was worried about my immigration issue and could not sleep. I had just googled "immigration lawyer in chicago" and their website was listed in the search. I went to their website and it looked legit, so I sent them an email and the next morning when I checked my  email, I had received an email from their paralegal. From that day  onwards, it is all history. I do not live in Chicago, so I have never  met them personally- everything in my case was all done over the phone,  email and snail mail. They were always prompt with their response to my  queries. The whole process went so smoothly. And now I have a  Greencard!!! Woohoo! I used to feel handicapped and now I feel like I  have wings! The Messersmith lawfirm gave me wings in the form of  Greencard and now I am flying to achieve my goals and no one can stop  me. Contact them if your immigration issues are making you feel  handicapped also. Trust me, there is nothing that cant be fixed. I used  to spend so much time worrying about my immigration issue but having a  good lawyer made all the difference. Now that my problems are solved, I  only hope that my sincere review will help others.”

“This is the best law firm I have had the pleasure of doing business with.  They came highly recommended by close friends. I was easily able to  convine my company to hire them. While I had very high expectations at  the start, I was pleasantly surprised to see Peter and his team surpass  all my expectations. Extremely intelligent and committed team, highly  effective, efficient and there to stand by you when you need them most. I highly recommend this firm with no reservations.”

“Peter is very professional and honest lawyer. Believe me, I have done an  extensive research and his name was always coming up. I hired him last  year to help me to obtain a green card. He was very quick to response  and he explains everything clearly. He even checked my recommendation  letters!
When I moved, the green card of my wife was sent twice and it was  returned. He and Jen handled this issue for no additional fee. Thanks to him and Jen I got my green card in less than 4 moths.
He is really good. Trust me. I highly recommend him!
I‚Ä™d give him 10 starts if I could.”

“Just got my Green Card Approved. Peter did a great job preparing my file. I  was getting impatient to file it as soon as possible, however Peter made sure we had a strong and complete case before we filed.
I am sure he is a very busy person, however he never failed to reply to any questions I had during the whole process.”

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